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Company Job Posting Plan

Looking to make a powerful impact with your job postings? Our Comapany Job Posting Plan is designed for you. This plan offers exceptional value with a one-time payment for two job postings.


Key Features:


Highlighted Job Post: Make your job stand out from the crowd! With our Highlighted Job Post feature, your listing will grab the attention of job seekers, increasing visibility and attracting top talent.

Posted For 60 Days: Enjoy an extended posting period of 60 days. This gives your job listings ample time to reach a wide audience, ensuring that you have the opportunity to connect with the best candidates for your positions.


Why Choose Our One-Time Fee Job Posting Plan:


Cost-Effective: Pay a one-time fee for two job postings, saving you money compared to individual postings.

Visibility Boost: The Highlighted Job Post feature ensures that your jobs are prominently displayed, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified applicants.

Extended Exposure: Benefit from an extended posting duration of 60 days, allowing you to connect with candidates over a more extended period.


Whether you’re a small business looking to fill key roles or a large corporation with multiple job openings, our Company Job Posting Plan offers a cost-effective and impactful solution to meet your hiring needs.

Ready to find your next star employee? Choose our Company Job Posting Plan and make your job opportunities shine!




Product Description

  • This plan includes 2 jobs
  • Jobs are posted for 60 days
  • 2 Highlighted Job Post
  • One Time Fee


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